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my sha la la summer time cd came in the mail today, my dad handed the package to me while i was brushing my teeth

summer time, but in september already, so a late summer time. i really like this cd case, i usually end up with scratches and cracks if its just a plastic casing only.

just 1 (one) limited edition B because I am a sucker for nisen (although Touch is my actual favorite unit song)

the photo on the back of the printed lyrics is so cute, i want to frame it and keep it on my nightstand lol

i wasnt expecting the poster to be as big as it was since when i ordered there was no details off cdjapan at the moment or anywhere about it's size. its still a bit smaller than the ones i got with my shori no hi made cds.

I feel bad for laughing at mikkun because he looks toothless for some reason

oh well im only looking at busaiku here anyways

jyaaaaan, the back of the cd. not much besides the MV's set which is very nice.

screamers, now with sunglasses


Sha La La Summer Time is sooooo good and cute. Friendship with maji sunshine is now ended. I love the PV and I love everything (minus senga's unfortunate hair style.......... he looks better w his hair not straight, but he is still cute overall, so i forgive him!!!!)

1. Touch
      i dont know why i like this song so much? tama being taipi brand ~*~*~ Sexy~*~*~*~ is so laughable and the recording clips people were posting on twitter he looked so bored i almost felt a little bad, but really what else would you expect from a unit that conists of 2 of the front 3. the whole edm thing it had going on appealed to what i find catchy and enjoyable. most of senga twitter kept talking about how it should have been fujisen as a duet and i would have to agree.... oh well, those two will have a song together someday and it'll more than likely be something hot and spicy, but then im also conflicted since i want nisen songs to always happen when given the chance.

2. 70億分の2
    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! my only real complaint was that i wish it was longer :( both of them sounded so good, apparently the lyrics are very beautiful+touching and i hope i can read a translation soon. actually i would probably die with a visual to go with the audio. they were such dorks together in the recording video, senga looked like he got a little teary eyed lol

3. sha la la summer time
      once again a very good and cute summer song. big selling point was the "FIRST PV ON ROLLERS SINCE UNMEI GIRL!!!" but tbh i liked unmei girls pv better, the diner set felt too small for them to do anything big and exciting during the instrumental break. i was, however, super impressed with miyacchi's cartwheel!!! ^o^ nika and miyata seemed like they got a good amount of screentime in the pv which made me glad. and also nika/miyata/senga having those wailing type lines during the last chorus was great, im always happy when busaiku has more lines >.<
the spin-off pv was so funny, it was a good choice to get edition B over A. I have yet to watch the other dvd footage though.

4. スナック SHOW和
    I did really like this song and it was my #3 and maybe at some point my #1, but then i realized when would i listen to this lol??? i dont think id ever.... listen like in my car or i wouldnt show this song to my friends since the dialogue parts are kind of awkward. im a little sad all 3 of them didnt sing together. BUT it was a fun song and in the recording footage it looked like they were all having fun too. i dont think i could choose who's song was my favorite, but miyata's was very ?? beautiful ?????? excuse me i mean miyamama.... and yokoo's was funny yes, but he also sounded really good in a bad way.. or maybe bad in a good way? i liked it regardless. mikkun was a total ham and his song was so catchy and cute too w/ miyata doing the like backing vocals.

5. Dream Stage
    i liked this song but it was very forgetable compared to the others... and it also sounded like a mashup of nijiiro miracle and we have a dream, well overall it sounded very idolm@ster-y? i dont think thats a real complaint since i enjoy im@s music a ton, but ?????????? hm......

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