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i had been meaning to watch Siren for a while because of mikkun's minor role, but i just finished it now (somehow miraculously given my attention span) after marathoning the 2 days. (spoilers and whatever else under the cut)


it was really good in my opinion, i am sucker for a confusing murder mystery cop show. i recommend this to you if you like that stuff as well! its 9 episodes that are ~45 minutes each, the first epsiode is an hour and a half.

i always think its kind of distracting to watching dramas with johnny's in them because i think so much of their idol selves, but mikkun did really well and i'm so glad he didnt use any sort of fake manly voice for his character. he really is chibideka, he was so small compared to the other male cast members.

nanao looked soooooooooooo gorgeous, even though she was playing the main antagonist

my only complaint was, the twist of yuki having a twin and then everyone switching faces and stuff was really..... rushed? i mean it was good and i wasn't expecting it all, but they dumped all this info on who sudednly became whos face with surgery and it all got really mixed up.

THEN they kept using yuki's apperance instead of kara's and that just confused me even more. i couldnt stop thinking like how long, realistically, it would take to be fully healed from such drastic and extreme cosmetic surgeries. i mean, they were changing peoples entire faces.

a lot of people in the comments were getting mad at yuki for trusting kara so easily and disregarding her own boyfriend, but were they even paying attention ??? it was part of kara's plan anyways to become super close to her and isn't it the cardinal rule among women to trust their girl friends more than the guy theyre dating. its like the unspoken rule, i guess to me at least. . . BUT with kara always acting really cold and spacy, you'd think yuki, being a cop, would have pegged her as someone suspicious, especially when she was given barely any personal info despite becoming friends.

even though i wanted yuki either satomi (mostly satomi because he did most of the work on the case) to get to First Division so they could be married, my other alternate end really was mikkun to get promoted and LMAO it actually happened. he probably was more of an annoyance in satomi's work, but at least he was entertaining.


Part of me hoped that kara wouldnt turn out evil or anything because i wanted her and yuki to end up together, because i was thinking
kara's friend killed at the club -> kara's friend killed by taxi driver -> kara initially wanting answers for her friends -> gets close to yuki to solve both cases -> jealous of satomi -> wants to get yuki away from satomi -> ?????? -> lesbians Kara really gave off the lesbian aura within the first 2 episodes, plus she's hot so.... shame she didn't have a female love interest.

In Other news,

Miyasen fineboys should be here tomorrowor maybe saturday.... really hoping it doesnt get to be next week, but at least its finally reached the 2 week minimum and stuff shipped to me from sal takes exactly 2 weeks or 2 weeks+1-2 days. i want it to be delivered soon, im so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

while still on the subject of magazines, in my last entry i said i wished for nika to do some modeling for a fashion magazine and it was announced yesteday that busaiku would be featured in an issue of Ray???
i must be psychic or something... but i'll definitely have to order that one next!

p.s: i tried to make a custom mood for myself, but its pretty tiring, i'll remember to finish eventually. the pink bears are cute for now, but theres supposed to be 3 other colors!
p.s.s: recently dream boys cast guested on shokura premium with NEWS and they showed a bunch of i scream concert footage.  i really hope theres a dvd announcement soon, so i can ask for it as a birthday/christmas gift.
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