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i finished pin to kona last night, i dont know why it took me so long . . . kimi to no kiseki is my 3rd favorite kisumai single afterall. i felt really intimidated i guess by the length of the first episode and it also began with the kabuki stuff, which i had no knowledge about so i was overwhelmed. i also have the attention span of a peanut, maybe a paperclip

but!!! i did end up really enjoying it. it makes me want to read the manga to see if there was things changed.

tama was so good and cute in this, way better than ikemen desu ne that happened 983384932849 years ago. its better for him to play a nice guy character, watching ikemen was so painful and also infuriating..... tsundere guys are literally the worst. in pin to kona his eyebrows were done less angry so he actually looked friendly too. kyounosuke reminded me of the tama thats usually on kisubusa, which is my favorite tama. his facial expressions are still as wild as ever in this

yuma being casted as hiroki was spot on, he looked a lot like his manga counterpart. i felt most sad for him, to be stuck in that kabuki house. i wished there was another house he could join to get away from yuna. also what made me mad was that him and ayame couldn't just be friends!!!!!!! then i remember in weird straight culture norms a guy and a girl cant JUST be friends without it being romantic. i didn't want them to never speak to each other again, it didn't seem right after all the time they spent apart to say goodbye again forever. i did want hiroki and ayame to end up together at first because i felt like he deserved her, he was being plot against the entire time

which brings me to Yuna, the worst character ever. i hate how she never got exposed for all the BS her and shouhei did to ruin hiroki and ayame. i felt like if that happened maybe things would have turned in favor for hiroki. . . . yuna was a jerk to ayame too. in the finale i guess it was good she got sent off to study abroad, but i didnt like how it implied she would come back and then possibly end up with hiroki again.

ayame was so cute, but it seems like they get the same type (round face, big eyes, straight bangs) to play a character whos like the Poor Girl. she looked like she could be mao inoue's little sister. she was cute, but also frustrating. i cant believe she actually thought doing the photoshoot for her cheap asshole dad was a good idea. and for her to doubt kyounosuke until the very end when he was nothing but genuine and kind towards her AHHHHHH!

I like how Jesse was a really irrelevant character, but for some reason Jesse's face is just funny so whenever ever he showed up i lost it

i think id recommend this to people. . . the first episode is kind of rough, but it does get better. if you like shows where its like "ah it cant possibly get worse *gets worse* ah it cant possibly get worse *gets better* ah it finally got better" and if you want to see a funny and cute tama-chan, then definitely watch pin to kona. it's my favorite drama of his.

other stuff . . .

i cant believe october is almost Over it feels so weird. i have school next week and i really dont want to go. its only 2 classes and one is online, so i'll probably live and get some good grades. im retaking economics and this time ill actually pay attention and use my textbook!  i have a different teacher this time too. my teacher last semester was really lazy and let us cheat a lot of times, so it felt hard to learn in that class. i ended up failing because i skipped my final.

hmmm.. oh! i saw pictures of the issue of Ray with busaiku and

of course there is a picture like this in there. . . i dont have the money to buy it right now wait for me!!!!
they have these pictures of the members and then 2 more pages of them posing with mannequins and i
somehow expected there to be more. . . this picture is really tempting though and i've been known to buy
magazines solely for one picture. ahhh!!! i'll probably end up ordering it eventually, senga is too dreamy like this.
music... ive been making an effort to listen to j.west more. im really excited about the new album announcement that they posted on their new PR twitter+website. i cant believe they have a twitter now? it's probably run by staff and nothing will be personally tweeted by members, but it makes me hope that other groups will be allowed to have official twitters too.
the b-sides of the new sexy zone single are so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive been listening to caramel dream all day, i cant believe soumari have such clear solo lines and so many too. 3!!!!!!!! 3 solo lines each in the song!!!!!!!!!!!!! chandelier avenue is good too, it surprised me to hear soumari rapping individually but its kind of sad that these are b-side tracks and i doubt you will ever hear them performed live so... bummer. as usual with sexy zone singles, the b-sides are better than the a-sides. yobisute is such a Snooze. i really want to hear the new solos from the summer concerts.

tv............... im still eating away at a big stack of things ive been wanting to watch, but im usually distracted by variety to progress in any dramas. ah ive been watching kamen rider ex-aid, but in secret sort of. its currently airing right now and i have a number of twitter mutuals who post it when episodes air. one day i was so distracted from my initial task i watched this laggy stream and thought it was Ok. its like precure but live-action and for boys. i think i paid attention to it so much from the stream because the motif is like video games and everything is rather quirky and colorful and my attention span eats things up like that. plus its easy to watch this one because i don't have to sit down and marathon everything since i wasn't around to watch in real time. i say i secret because i dont know anything about the other series so i dont want to suddenly start talking about things i dont know about.

Oh! today emiwy bought me a puppy calendar for my birthday, it'll be here on the 22nd ive never had an internet friend purchase something for me as a birthday gift so im excited to recieve it and it'll arrive on the day my parents will be out in Austin. a calender would be good to have around because i forget the date+day of the week a whole lot. . .

that is all for now

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