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its almost my birthday but my birthday always makes me feel kind of bad

Long pic spam under first cut

ever since i had to spend my birthday alone on the campus of a school i didnt want to be at, birthdays just haven't been that great.

while i didn't order the issue of Ray with busaiku, I instead bought myself Dec. Popolo instead as a gift from myself. I think that was a better choice, because in the issue there is a lot of good pictures of everyone (not just kisumai)

keito and yuuyan
i'm really liking how both of their hair is growing out (esp yuya because he had that really awkard short hair that looked almost like a bad bowl cut when it was styled to be all straight) now if only both of them could have blonde hair.... i really liked keito's blonde hair and yuya's too, but both of them didn't keep it for very long. i'm a bit smad that keito is stuck on the magazine crease

pages with Dear photos, i think it will be a fun concert to watch despite yama's physical condition. and also why was keito almost shirtless here ww
Pictured on the Right: Okamoto Keito, a formidable rival to the great art Legends such as Da Vinci and Picasso


the sexy zone pictures were soooo cute, i loved the uniforms. i can't believe it's been 5 years since debut. the fumari pic is funny to me since there could have been alcohol pictured in the glasses, but mari is still just a little baby. AND im SO GLAD fuma's hair is back to normal, seriously....... the red hair was so ??? and he didn't even keep it for that long. red hair is tough to maintain especially if it's bright red. it fades nice though speaking from experience. the only people i will allow to have red hair is hirokaz and massu (massu's hair is kinda pink most of the time) i've wanted fuma's hair (currently) to be black again for a long time, so now it's good. it seems like i always have a comment about people's hair when i look at magazine pictures, but sexy zone sudenly had everyone changing up their hair. i was so surprised to see sou have lightbrown. i think he looks better with black hair and he eventually switched back. i wonder if it was because shori went lightbrown too. . . in my ideal world all of sexy zone should have black hair forever
since i mentioned news, sou looks eerily similar to koyama (in this photo at least)

another magazine ordered with ~*~Sexy West~*~ photos. . . but i'm not complaining too much because kami-chan looks rly good
and i will also include his drawing of akito, its too cute

while i usually dislike most edgy/sexy magazine pictures, i will make an exception for Ebi in this issue (eyeliner is always a plus for anyone.)

assorted, king's pics were cute with the hamburgers. keito....... feelin himself, and pics from nakai's deresute commcercial.
i haven't had any energy or motivation to play of the games on my phone, but i can't bring myself to delete them? deresute even put tamami in an event, but of course the event type is the most energy taxing type.

yama-chan! another hair comment here, but THANK YOU for going back to dark hair. these pics are from cain to abel, while the jump Single that will come as a result of this drama really sucks, I actually like the drama so far (i've only seen one episode but still) I didn't expect yama to play such a cute/fun character because all of the promo pics looked really edgy and serious.... i'll make sure to keep up with this because the filming schedule was so tough on him with the tour still going and i wouldn't want to not watch something where he was working his hardest to do his best for Jump and the C&A cast.

AND NOW kisumai...................

this is quite literally the prefect photoshoot, but i wish there was more dogs and ones that were a little bit bigger (and also cuter...) in the end i am still weak for my faves+dogs

senga really is the cutest person to exist

ah, my chest feels tight looking at this picture

i bought this for the pin-up poster, but unfortunately my room is still too dirty to hang it anywhere without feeling...................... bad and gross. maybe when im out of school with nowhere to be quite literally all day or when dad gets a job and i can be home alone to do things i'll clean.
dont want to end long picture chain with something sad, but i am so happy that i now own 2 of my most favorite photos i love senga so much


aside from that magazine, i only asked for some money from my parents so i can pick and choose gifts myself, because i'm not sure if i'd like anything my parents picked out. i mentioned the i scream concert dvd to my dad for both my birthday and x-mas but he said it was stupid, so it looks like if i want it i'll have to place the order myself. the only thing i can think of that i want to buy besides that is the BIG senga poster that came w the yacchatta single. Theres only 1 on jp amazon and I want to buy it before it's gone. I'd kiss that poster every morning if I'm being honest.

almina bought me the senga vers of the tii tii tii single. i'd include what the disc looks like but it's in my car now and probably wont ever come out of the CD cartridge...

i mentioned before that emily sent me a dog calendar,but she also sent me a box of STUFF. by stuff i mean candy and stuffed animals AKA stuff my parents think is dumb for me to have. i ate all the candy already, so all thats left is gum and a cannister of hot coccoa powder.

val sent me a card and a gift i think but there hasn't been anything in the mail yet, maybe it will arrive exactly on monday

AND!!!!!!!!!! there is a busaiku episode on my birthday as well as senga making an apperance on Switch, even though i'll be in school when it'll be on. i'd skip class entirely but my attendace already is poor.
i really want senga to rank 1st that day, his most recent busaiku rank was a bit painful to watch........... SO BE SURE TO DO YOUR BEST MONDAY SEN-CHAN I AM ALWAYS ROOTING FOR YOU

west, west west west, the con dvd and new album is so soon   the short vers of the one chance pv was out last week and i'd say its a pretty mediocre song. theres too much focus on ryusei in it, but kami-chan's hair is gray again and looks super nice. even though i said it's mediocre, its good for a rather edgy west song. i don't know what to expect out of the new album, but i am so ready for the concert dvd. rakiiiiiii7 is my fave to listen to.


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