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wah wah my birthday was the 28th, a late post

my birthday was really inconvenient for everything this year i think. i had to be in class from 7-9, and my sister is doing extra cirricular activities that last usually until my class is over and my parents go to the gym every evening, so i thought I wouldn't be able to at least go out to dinner on the day of. i typically do absolutely nothing on my birthday, but it's important to me to at least go out and eat whatever i want and as much with everyone.

on the 27th i decided to stream all kisumai cons on rabbit with my friends. really it was all of them, well most of them... i skipped aru de show because bia and i watched that one together and i didn't except anyone else to come join right away. Oh and we also skipped kis-my-journey to avoid seeing mikkun's bad hair, but we made up for it by watching the other footage from the kis-my-world dvds. i started at 2 pm and then i went to bed around 6 am, so that was about 16 hours of kisumai....

the day of i got to skip school   we barely do anything in class and the lecture is impossible to take notes on and all we do is take tests, so i would miss that day and be sure to go for the test on wednesday. that day i just slept in and went out to dinner with my parents later to kona grill. i also decided to drink for the first time in my life. when i turned 21 i was legal, but we weren't really at the right place for a good drink (there was beer.... bleh and sake, even more BLEH, if theres anything i hate is when alcohol is warm) and then i dont drink at the house with my parents or at all. i like stuff that tastes sweet enough to where i forget its actually alcohol. what i ordered tasted like straight cranberry juice and there was sprite in it and also vodka oops, i didn't even think about the alcohol in it and drank too fast and too much.   i was drunk but not completely wasted, i had fun, but then i felt sick for the next two days. the waiter was funny he felt all accomplished that he could serve me my first drink. my twitter was a mess for hours lmao

i haven't gotten brithday money yet, and i really don't think i will soon, but i remembered some things i do want to buy, so a wishlist:

  • I SCREAM CONCERT DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the edition with the multi-angles

  • the yacchatta poster with sen-chan on it........

  • pokemon sun/moon (i really havent decided which but i do know i want to pet popplio before i die and you can do that in either game)

  • magazine issues that contain pages of some of my favorite pictures

  • a dog (not realistic, but i do want a dog)

i think it was a good birthday, minus me not getting any immediate gifts

ALSO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant believe senga really did rank 1st on my birthday,

i wish he would pat my head too

so cuuuuuttte ;_; im glad!!!
there was also switch on my birthday too and senga was the cutest i have ever seen in my whole life. i think general consensus was that he got wisdom teeth pulled so his face was a little swollen but a a a a A A A A A AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ITS SO CUTE

pudgy...... but i hope it didn't hurt too much
wah i cant believe it   i think he looks cuter w/ a rounder and fuller face, so i hope there is still something left to pinch in a few days

There was also best artist last weekend and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA   yes, senga somehow managed to cuter from the morning on switch to the tv performance later. they did everybody go (snnnnzzzzz) and thank you jyan (yaaaay, it was on the skates as well). at some point the camera focused on senga and get forgot for a second and kept on doing the original choreography while everyone else was skating into a different position. they also fell into a big pile on the floor like w/ unmei girl

there was also firebeat in a medley and they brought back the red and black outfits from KMW, everyone looked rly good too and senga performed 200% as always and he winked directly at the camera jkdflhakjs;f

the gap is too much i'll die someday he's gotten better at winking lol

also the new cm for nukunuku touban is out, everyones cute as usual
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