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I had meant to edit a post and talk about INTER release, but i forgot, decided to move the other part of that post into its own, and had a rough week emotionally that I wasn't able to do anything.


INTER was really good (still does not have a place within my top 5 singles, but still a great release). i knew senga being in the Center of one of the cover meant he was involved in something somehow and i was right.

he did the choreography for Tonight!!! senga's choreography is always really good, i hope he gets to do more in the future especially for singles (he sounded so cute on jweb talking about it jhglfkglk;). there was however no multi-angle version of the pv, so you couldn't appreciate it 100% in the PV. and um!!! very missed oppurtunity for a multi-angle!!!! avex!!!!!!!!!!!! i like the PV for tonight more than the song itself, its really a song that needs visuals in order for it to be enjoyed. i want to say i almost feel...................... embarrassed listening to the song on its own i dont know why its like funny in a way?
while senga's choreo is great, its a bit hard to work cameras for live performances. there was a TON of tv performances of the song but none of them felt good enough to Save to my computer in i-can-see-every-single-pore-and-bead-of-sweat-HD
the new album, music collesium, was announced yesterday and in tonight's PV there was this Big Dome Tower City..... Thing and they are shown walking towards it at the end. I wonder if that was an intentional teaser...........


i was right about being more excited for kimi no iru sekai, its such a nice song and nice pv too, overall just Very nice lol. it really doesnt feel like a CM song, i barely noticed it in the CM anyways. i'd love to see it performed even though its very ballad-y, but they would use the nice white suits for it definitely. senga looks soooooooo handsome, especially in the shop photos, i wish i had money to buy them.

nice very nice i love You \(u_u)/
i cant believe i was so unethusiastic about seven wishes when it turned to be my favorite on the entire single OTL
its one of those songs where you can hear everyone (well almost.... the verses are done by the pairs/groups who went with each other in the kis-my-nagaski videos and tama drowns out senga so much) and i love songs that feel very balanced with line distribution.
zenryoku fighter is great as well and definitely overpowers the songs that got PVs, i hope it makes it into the tour setlist

unfortunately after reading the info given about the album, im not excited Yet. :( its so plain after how great and diverse i scream was. the DVD footage on LEs sound very promising even though there is not much specifics besides 'special footage'/'kis-my-TV.' there cant be 7 solos and solo PVs EVERY album (sigh) but maybe there will be a busaiku song. with 18 confirmed trackss anything is possible. The staff blog post repeatedly emphasized WILD & STRONG, so it sounds like it'll be full of energy with very few ballads. I want to buy one copy.... its out in May, so maybe i will have money then.

i dont think ive talked about kiramo precure besides saying that its airing right now but AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA) its very good so far and its only been 7 episodes.

they were smart and assembled the team very quickly. i think it's good to get the team assembly out of the way first because then it leaves room for plot development, team bonding, and world building.

there is not a lot of plot so far, i watched the raw stream of episode 7 and the conflict between the faeries and gummy is very weak just from a visual standpoint. theyre a gang of random monsters who like causing trouble and are under no authority figure. assumed unpurified Ciel has yet to make an apperance and neither has the Sweets Goddess that is shown briefly in the opening sequence and also those candy rod weapons. As much as i Love a good team of cures they really need something to do.

ichika is like a combination of cure peach+cure dream aka 2 of my all-time favorite cures. she is the energetic leader, but she isn't a very flat character at all. she is able to read other peoples emotions and propose creative, within reason(?) solutions to the problems that have come up so far. a good trait for a cure leader to have is being average (or not having one specific trope or skill making up their entire being, she isnt in any school club and baking hasn't been a serious hobby for her), but attractive (draws members to her and is able to befriend just about anything and anyone), and ichika has really done a good job at bringing the team together so far.

while himari was initially not very interesting to me, she turned out to be a very relatable character to me. she is just another typical shy character, but it really took the time to show Why she is shy and that made me want to care about her more.

aoi was my favorite based on design and profile introduction and she is my current favorite cure. its good to have an energetic but not obnoxious blue cure. her transformation sequence is also my favorite of the season.

yukari is Ok so far, i dont really expect her to appear much since she is in highschool and theres no approximate house location for her, so i cant imagine her being around the rest of the group often unless invited to the sweets shop or by chance. i did really like her introduction. while she is  the typical Cool Beauty Older Sister type, its a bit different in that she is very playful due to her being Bored with her perfection and popularity. her softer and immature side was shown early on without heavy prying or later in an episode solely focused on her personality.

akira is great. while she is in the same age group as yukari, she has the advantage of living next door to ichika, so i can see her having a lot of episodes or being involved outside of their headquarters.  her transformation sequence is my second favorite behind aoi's. her intro episode i felt like i didn't know much about her as a lot of action was taken by ichika until the fight where akira stood in to protect ichika and later transform into cure chocolat.

while im not complaining about it as ive seen some people do already, they havent been needing to keep their cure identities a secret. i theorize its because:
1. the villians arent neccisarily terrorizing people, just the food. so its the food that needs rescuing and not humans. and why would they need to keep a secret identity from the Sweets that they save every week.
2. the legendary patissier have never needed to keep their identities a secret
3. ???????? theres no real reason, no one Cares
4. battles are rarely fought infront of people

tbh i probably listened to the full OP/ED more than i did INTER songs, they were both released the same day coincidentally. im not sure when the character songs/solo lets la cooking showtime are out, but thats another thing i really like. i really hope the seiyuu get to sing more.

i cant think of anything else to write that should go in a seperate negative post so bye bye,
senga is on tv monday and his birthday is wednesday/thursday
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