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Dear. Review ?
i got around to listening to Dear. 3 and a half times ooooh boy

i'd probably rank Jump as my 3rd most listened to of JE groups, I like them but it feels very compulsory at times like you can't dislike Jump because they are Jump? its JUMP!!!! theyre good and i love the members, but music is sort of whatever to me. i dont ever sit down and say "feel like listening to jump only today (shuffles discography)" ?

1. Skipped the introduction song the first time, it felt really awkward to listen to and i at first thought it was silence because it starts off so quiet and with sound effects only. Although on my 2nd and 3rd times listening, i noticed it transitions into masquerade which is rly cool

2. Masquerade, initial grade: C+
Great for a single, but the song itself I'm not a fan of. A really good point was each member saying "shall we dance my honey?" The whole theme and jazz feel of this song felt very generic to me. Cheesy? I dont mind listening to it though and its not deemed totally skipable.
Final Grade: C+

3. Run de Boo!, initial grade: A
Fun song oh my god, i found masquerade totally cheesy, but RDB's old fashioned rock n' roll was too adorable. it sounds like something you'd hear at a hoedown. It truly is a jump song because the lyrics include the word Jump.
Final Grade: A

4. Dream Master, initial grade: B-
Very funky, the autotune used was just enough that it wasn't totally overkill and it was a nice touch. Its aesthetically pleasing to listen to, but i wouldnt think of this song first if you asked me what a good track was off the album
Final Grade: B

5. B.A.B.Y, initial grade: A+
the first song i listened to that was like AAAAAAAAAA i love this. although im pretty sad this song hasnt been listed on setlist posted by twitter users...... i would have liked to see choreography for it. i laughed at chinen+inoo(?)'s english lines during the song's downtime, wish that would be performed live
Final Grade: A+

6. Kimi Attraction,initial grade: N/A
Was very confused as to why this was on the album ? well it is the most recent single behind maji sunshine, but it still felt really old, especially since it was performed at Jumping Carnival shows...........and is on the Dear. setlist now...................... I would have prefered Maji Sunshine or Eve to be on the album instead. i like this song, but it felt like a track to take up a space
Final Grade: F?

7. Special Love, initial grade: A-
another upbeat dance song that i enjoyed, just a really good solid song. I like daiki's lines the most here,
Final Grade: A

8. Dear., initial grade: F
is it bad to dislike the title track? ive never liked a slow, ballad from jump ever before. I wouldve been more partial had it been the last song but it being stuck in the middle really just dropped the energy level. everyones voices sound nice and im sure the lyrics are very tender
Final Grade: F..+?

9. Eternal, initial grade: C+/A
the instrumental at the beginning reminded me of some 60/70's love song. one of 3 slower songs off the album, but probably the best of them all. i rated C because a slow song isn't one i'd listen to if i wasnt in the mood. very relaxing and everyones voices are distinguishable and nice
Final Grade: B+

10. Superman, initial grade: A+++++++
on twitter this was probably the most mentioned from jp users, so i was really looking forward to it and i wasn't wrong. reminded me a lot of something kisumai would put out. a combination of ai no beat (dance vers) and hm.... luv sick? the rapping was very very kisumai and there were times where it sounded as if taipi was featured on the track. i wonder if there was any sort of influence it was too similar!!! AAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! but very good, so gooooood. my fave from the whole album for sure. really cant wait to see this from the DVD, want this to have a PV too
Final Grade: A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

11. Order, initial grade: B-
daiki's part in the intro was so embarassing and awkward to listen to, but past that the song was good. Another jazz/swing song, but it was the good kind. I think it was the drums probably that made it something you could easily dance to without needed a routine or something like that. the "are you ready? ha" again the ghost of taipi must be here and haunting
Final Grade: A

12. Tasty U, initial grade: C+
initally wasnt very impressed with this song for whatever reason im not sure. the begining sounded very.... ? bollywood? indian ? (vague hand gestures) but it wasnt very consistent and the chorus felt boring compared to the insturmentals throughout the song. the chorus reminded me of the hustle fjhdlkfja; i dont like it but i dont hate it.
Final Grade: B-

13. Slow Motion, initial grade: A
I really liked this song? it reminded me of the like ...... indie/edm stuff i used to listen to for a bit in highschool. its also very relaxing in a way but it still gets me very hype. i love the chorus a lot too. fui ni fui ni kyuu ni kyuu ni fui ni fui ni kyuu ni kyuu ni fui ni fui ni kyuu ni kyuu ni fui ni fui ni kyuu ni kyuu ni
Final Grade: A+

14. Ai no Shubiduba, initial grade: A
an interesting title, but a vey cute song that reminded me a lot of puppy boo.
Final Grade: A

15. KISS diary, initial grade: D, skipped
last slow song on the album, and it was better than Dear. but not as good as Eternal. Would not listen to unless it was shuffled, but even then i would probably skip it 80% of the time
Final Grade: D

16. Brand New World, initial grade: A-
me immedeatly: Brand New World, the 2nd Track of Kis-My-Ft2's 4th album 'Kis-My-World'..........
anyways, it was a good song, but it didn't feel like an apropriate album closer. really would have prefered this to switch places with Dear. I also like kisumai's brand new world better, but jump's is good too
Final Grade: A-

Overall Thoughts: I wasn't expecting to enjoy the album as much as i did? I had very low expectations tbh. I wouldn't rate it as spectacular, but it was pretty good. I'm so glad the line distribution is better, i love being able to put a face to a voice in songs and it makes me feel like i can appreciate everyone and everything more. (cries tears as keito has not only 1... but 2-3 solo lines!!!)

the unit songs i would rank as
1. keito/chinen
2. inoo/hikaru
3. yuya/yabu/yuto
4. daiki/yamada

Probably a very unpopular opinion that My Girl is my least favorite, but it just didn't feel right? Like I couldnt imagine either of them being put in a song like that and all their energy got wasted. daiki's rapping made it somehow tolerable. inoohika song was surprising in a good way, keito/chinen was too adorable and yuya/yabu/yuto was vocally flawless (im a bit sad there is supposedly no PV? despite them winning the quiz... really hope it appears someday i was looking forward to it)

Overall Jump Album Rankings:
1. Jump World
2. Jumping Car
3. Dear.
4. S3art
5. Jump No. 1

Overall Album Grade: B+
Good, but if i had to recommend an album to person who has no knowledge of HSJ i'd pick Jumping Car over Dear, which would be my second recommendation.

Other news unrelated to Dear. Album,

i have sha la lasummer time limited edition B preordered and i'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited for the new nisen unit song.
the ballad sounds really good i was shocked, nika's voice sounds... angelic ? i want to hear more of it and both of their voices sound amazing together from the preview (hoping senga's vibrato isn't too much for his verses. the song is so gentle and senga is..... senga..........) ;_; i can't wait for the full version and lyric translation.
the MV that comes with the edition looks so cute and fun too,

but on the downside i paid SAL shipping (low $$$$), so it'll be here super late. i say i'm gonna try to hold off listening to and looking at content from the edition i ordered as it will more than likely be posted here and on twitter, but i dont know if i can manage. i'll definitely wait to see the DVD content if anything........

Also looking forward for kitayama/miyata/yokoo's unit song, ive always wanted kitayama to sing something a bit silly and i'm glad he's getting to do that with this track. tama and taipi was something i predicted and hm... cant say im excited from what i heard in the preview, but i don't think it'll be too bad or forgettable.

new kisumai music yay!!!!!!! the single itself i love too from watching it performed on various tv programs aaaa i cant wait for the 24th.

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