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i had meant to make my usual purchase post, but i wanted to wait until everything was at my house. i don't feel like adding pixels to this post either, it will sound very unethusiastic.

i wish i could have gotten all magazines that were out this january, all the pictures and posters i liked a lot, but my impulsive spending habits and lack of funds did not make that possible. if i was smart i should have waited until march 2017 popolo since that was the valentines day issue. potato is so small compared to other magazines i have bought. the pin-up that came with it has hsj and fumaken on the back, but i don't think i'll put it up anywhere, so i might send it to someone else who would want it. ah, a thing i do not like about potato is the posters dont pull out easy w adhesive like popolo. . . i had to tear it and the edge got really messy. it can be fixed up with scissors i think.

although i have only used 11% of storage on here, i decided to put things on imgur. uploading with links is a bit tedious, but i can do it

while i liked everyones outfits, i expected the pictures to be more soft? like with pillows or something. . . these outfits were worn in the duet pin-up, which i like more than these

well a good thing about potato is they're doing this "One" project with kisumai, so each member is getting their own pages and first, luckily, was senga. revealed in the back pages with all the tiny candid shots from the photoshoot he'swearing a sleeveless shirt, i almost feel robbed that he's got the jacket on lol. senga rarely gets things to himself, so i was glad i bought this >__<

sexy zone i usually am forgetting about them lately. . . i hope they can all work together for variety this year, even if it's vs arashi again or guesting on another show.

fuma has a drama together w tsuyopon. it's called uso no s..senso..u? i know "lie" is in the title. the synopsis sounds eally interesting. i want it to be subbed so that i can watch too. fuma is really into this role it seems and talks really cute about working with tsuyoshi on jweb. i think his character based on twitter pictures is both serious+funny. it's a character i think he can pull of well since it will come naturally and is close to how he is in off-mode. thank god his hair is back to looking normal, this color is good on him but i wonder what it would look like if it was longer like his 2015 hairstyle.

another magazine where i am cursed with edgy West pictures. . . i wonder what photographers are thinking when they shoot West.

kami-chan has a drama going on right now too, i don't know much about it though. i do know he plays a lawyer. i want this to be subbed to so that i can watch it. shark was definitely a mess
but it's good to see kami-chan in a drama again. he's not the main role, but i'm glad he's got work. Do your best! ! !

jump's picture's they were all holding signs with numbers 1-9 on them, but i found them to be a little boring. the outfits were a bit too dark i think.
the pictures after the real photoshoot of 7 i liked more. it's always good to see yamada and keito acting silly together.

ok actually the only thing worse than edgy Jwest pics is edgy abc-z pics and the ones in this issue were just........ bad (no offense guys!!!), but they were cute in the back pages with drawings of what can be assumed birds. well, birds and then whatever tsuka-chan tried to do, an ostritch-peacock-human hybrid.

the most anticipated purchase was my shop posters, the one from tii tii tii single and the lifesize posters they were giving out with yacchatta.

i realized i never took a picture of just the poster itself before rolling it back up. i don't feel like rolling it out now for this post but theres these. the already cute senga becomes even cuter with snow filters.

it's about as big as my bed lol, i wanted to roll it out just to see but the floor of my room was dirty so i cleared everything off my bed. i'm not really sure where to put it yet. i was thinking behind my bed where my calendar is but i was also thinking of pushing my bed back up against the wall. theres not a lot of space to rearrange furniture, especially my desk that takes up 50% of my room that i have never used not once in my life. i would probably use my desk if i was able to get decent wifi signal for my laptop or had a chair that fit in my room.. i might throw my highschool mum away and put it on the wall next to my closet, or the wall next to my door. i can't even hang up pin-up posters from magazines or the smaller posters i have gotten with CD purchases, so i have no idea how i am going to get over embarassment+anxiety to hang this one.

i really did keep forgetting but i finished cain and abel, it sort of sucked that no one wanted to watch with me, but watching a drama together over the internet is kinda boring and i've really got to pay attention to subs so i dont miss anything. people said it was a flop, but i thought it was really good. i think i'm just easy to please. however the big problem was since the finale was only 45 minutes everything just got magically resolved. i know family was a main point in the show, but all the legal and business stuff felt like it needed more aside from "ah charges are dropped" "appoint momo as director and save the business" it's a drama yes so things aren't gonna be realistic, but it still felt really rushed. it was sad that azusa didn't keep working, i would have been Ok if there was a real purpose for her to stay home, like she was pregnant and had to take care of a baby, but Nope lol. yama did kiss irrelevant-office-girl and they didn't end up together because he was seen at the end going away to study or do something. thank god if i had to see a second kiss.
i watched flip flappers because i had been meaning to and i really liked it. i made bia watch the second half with me, i think she liked it too even though she doesn't watch anime that often. the promo art looked really ugly to me at first, but watching it animated wasn't bad at all. it's got a lot of rewatch value and i'd recommend it to people if they asked about something recent to watch
i finished voltron season 2 (by myself. . . ) the other day. i must say that while it was nowhere near as good as season 1, it had it's moments. they were trying to go for giving a really good development episode for each character, but hunk and lace got the short end of the stick and many episodes were taken up by keith's galra drama paired with allura trying to get over her galra hate. i guess there will be some better episodes for the two, especially hunk who was a walking food joke with very brief moments of courage, in season 3. the final episode ended with shiro going missing after ""defeating"" zarkon and the introduction a new antagonist. i really hope they dont continue to develop keith/allura, hell even lance/allura would make more sense. it was neccesary for them to interact because of conflicting view points, but of course people inerpretted it as shippy and comments from the creators can imply that it was but bleh. if anything allura and shiro should be together in the end. one thing s2 did well was the build up to the final battle and everyone having missions of their own in order to prepare. it was good to see interaction between groups that haven't been paired up together.

i've been watching a lot of stuff lately, but i havent finished anything else. a lot of it isn't really watching but just studying. i never know what anyone talks about or is into nowadays, so i have to become aware on my own time. i felt really humilated i joined CAH with a FGO deck added and didn't know how to make any good references to win rounds. i know theres VNs, even recently theres a new game out that people are playing, but i don't have energy for that and apparently theyre bad. i even fell asleep watching the first anime episode.
even doing this makes me feel a bit guilty, but i feel even worse if i don't know! if i can't have people like things i do, then i will do my best to know a bit of everything.

i reread my new years resoultions that i wrote on here and boy is that depressing. . . i haven't been able to do a single one or even make an effort too. everything is so unstable lately that i just can't find a way to do anything. i should have come up with easier ones. it's only been a month of 2017 but i fel like it it's been years already. i should have put "get hospitalized" or something. i've been looking pretty bad lately at home, so maybe my parents will worry about me for once. well ok i dont want to end this depressing so heres pictures of senga with food in his mouth from this week's Switch.

thank you senga

P.S: kisumai's new single is march 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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